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South Little League: Lions Field 

Remember to always be kind to the umpires.

Lions Field






 Lions Field 2011







  Lions Field Summer 2012 after reconstruction


Lions field is located in the heart of the borough of South Williamsport at 1540 West Southern Ave. Usually boys ages 9-12 play games but occasionally the younger boys and girls play.  The Admission is free, the seats are great, and the food is terrific…  Come see a game soon!!!

In the mid forties, the South Williamsport Lions Club took on the project of developing a baseball field for the youth of the borough.  Some of the names that are remembered of those who helped are George Danneker, Roy Stannert, Luther Ertel, Pappy Bender, John Kaufman and Al Kaufman.

The land that it was built on had once been a dump located at 1540 West Southern Ave.  Soil from the dike was used to cover and create the field.  The field was patterned after the Original League Field and represented an investment by the South Williamsport Lions Club of about $4,000.  Thanks to the countless hours volunteered by the Lions Club members and other volunteers from the community, Lions Field became a reality.

On Thursday, June 2, 1949, a parade, lead by the South Williamsport High School Band and a drum and bugle corps marked the opening of Lions Field and the Little Mountaineer League.  Hundreds of people turned out to help make the inaugural a big success.

The South Williamsport Lions Club continues to sponsor 3 teams in our league in various divisions.  We thank them for their continued support.

All other fields are located at the South Williamsport Park Complex

Field C/D

Field C & D are used for minor, coach pitch and some tee-ball games.

Tee Ball Field

The Tee ball field is a newly added field to be used for the tee ball games as the youngsters get to enjoy their first baseball games!

Girls Softball Field






The girls softball field (also located at the park complex) is used for girls minor and major softball games.