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Lions Field Reconstruction

After 60+ years the time has come to rebuild Lions Field. The two biggest factors that prompted the work were one, the field drainage was very poor and two, the fences needed to be moved back to 200 feet.

The drainage was solved by crowning the field in a straight line from home to center field. The field is pitched at a 1.5 degree to divert the water to the right and left field corners.

The surrounding area beyond left field is lower than the playing surface so the water will simply drain off. The ground surrounding right field is higher than the field. This necessitated installing a drain catch basin in the corner. A drain line was installed to hook up with the storm sewer out in the parking area. The line runs under the warning track next to the outfield fence. A brick chip material will be used on the warning track so the water can drain directly down through that material and into the drain as the pipe line has perforated holes.

With the fence we were faced with a challenge in right field again as the basketball court was very close to the field and movement of the fence could not be done without shortening of the court. The borough of South Williamsport gave us permission to shorten the court. It had been over 100′ long and was too long to play full court games. We removed the hoop, cut the blacktop and reinstalled the hoop.

We also removed several trees and new ones will be added in the spring.

A high fence that separated the playground area from the ball field was removed and now people can flow between the two areas.

These are some of the construction photos to date:

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Nov 2011 Lions Field    april 2012 lions field   aprilend2012 lions field 

John Beattie 1st Pitch part1

John Beattie 1st Pitch part2